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Information Worker

The Information Worker has become a key part of doing business in today's world.  Anytime any place access to data and the ability to do something with that data has never been easier.  Sharing of information and eliminating the obstacles that impede productivity is what the information worker is all about.  With the explosion of web based applications, hand held devices, wireless technology and databases information that can be accessed and used by anyone to get work accomplished, the information worker is key to the success of an organization.  At Stacked Systems we believe the Information Worker solutions delivered by Microsoft provide a great opportunity for efficiency by  providing telecommuting , data analysis,  and collaboration within the Federal Government.  Many of our government partners have a Microsoft infrastructure in place and we believe we can help leverage the benefits already present in your environment.

Key Benefits


  • Collaborative environments for information sharing and decision making.
  • Geographical boundaries are removed via the use of the internet and wireless technologies.
  • Work productivity and the learning curve associated with learning new applications are reduced because the information worker has already been exposed to the applications they are using.
  • Product compatibility with a majority of DOD infrastructures.
  • Extending the capabilities of your current Microsoft environment.



  • Microsoft Registered Partner
  • Microsoft Certified System Engineers
  • Sharepoint Team Services & Sharepoint Portal Server experience.
  • .NET and Microsoft Office programming expertise
  • Live Communications Server and Web Conferencing
  • Exchange 2000/2003






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